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                                                                            The everywhere Internet
                                                                            World Wide web for every pocket.


The internet has developed into a completely natural medium for all of us. By now, it is so much a matter of course that we want to take it everywhere with us. And the Apple iPhone was not the first device to turn this wish into reality.

The internet is becoming mobile. Millions of people visit websites or read and write emails on the way, and are no longer tied to the computer at home or in the office.
But the "everywhere internet" offers more than access to existing internet services such as websites, email, etc. Specially developed software, so-called applications (apps for short) for mobile end-user devices provide the possibility of offering special applications designed for particular target groups to users. The application possibilities of apps range from simple programs to games and complex business tools which communicate with online databases.

This opens a new and very interesting communication channel to customers, employees, and business partners. Transferring business processes into the mobile online world can be tied into all of a company's communication interfaces.