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Updated: 13.10.2010

Version 1.0

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Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch. Requires iOS 3.X or higher.


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Project: Ulm App

"ulm-app" is that the user has access to the most important information about the city of Ulm, always and everywhere. Data such as landmarks or information about agencies and administrative offices can be accessed directly from the iPhone. Even the city of Ulm car-park routing system is integrated and shows all available parking places in the Ulm parking garages.


The first version of the "ulm-app" starts out with three content modules. These are "attractions", "citizen services", and "parking services". A higher-level "city map" is also included as a navigation tool, and is used to display the contents of the individual modules arranged clearly on the map.

The city map:
The Ulm city map forms the basis for presenting the interesting features of Ulm It allows for spatial orientation – supported by displaying the user's current location on the map.

The attractions:
Whether you are interested in churches, buildings, museums, or gardens. The "attractions" module in Ulm provides a comfortable overview, and detailed information is available on every attraction.

Citizen's service center:
All authorities, offices and urban facilities are shown. The single facilities are shown with different detailed information, like address, telephone numbers, opening times etc.

The citizen's service:
A well-arranged presentation of all agencies, bureaus, and city facilities supports the city of Ulm service initiatives. The individual facilities are presented with various detail information such as address, telephone number, opening times, etc.

The car-park routing system:
The highlight of the Ulm "app" is the interface to the Ulm car-park routing system. All available parking spots in the Ulm parking garages are downloaded and displayed on the iPhone at 5-minute intervals. The route to the selected parking garage can be displayed just as easily as the opening times and pricing information.


What the application can do:

  • Display the Ulm city map with all interesting features in Ulm
  • Show the current position on the city map
  • Calculate the route from the current location to the selected point on the map
  • Comfortable overview of all Ulm attractions, with detailed information, opening times, and routing from the current location
  • Clearly laid out presentation of all agencies, bureaus, and city facilities in Ulm with address, telephone numbers, and opening times as well as route calculation
  • Display of all parking garages in Ulm with current information on available parking spots and additional information such as address, telephone number, etc. and route calculation