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Updated: 22.01.2010

Version 3.0

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Compatible with iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or higher.


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Project: car2go Austin/Texas

After successfully launching the car2go project in Ulm, the company has now decided to open another location in Austin / Texas. rrooaarr also developed the official app, with a few additional functions, for this location.


The application makes locating an available close by car2go possible, always and everywhere, without depending on access to a stationary computer at home or in the office.

Finding an available car2go in Austin/Texas is child's play with the car2go iPhone app. The application shows the current location on a map, and makes it easy to find the closest available car2go vehicle from any location. In addition to the address, license plate number, the interior and exterior condition of the vehicle, and the amount of gas in the tank, the distance and estimated walking time are shown as well. The user also has the option of having the app calculate the direct route from his current location to the next available car2go and displaying it on the map. In addition, it is possible to show all available car2go vehicles, special reserved parking spots with availability indication, gas stations, and reserved car2go vehicles. The app also provides instructions on how using the car2go works. From opening the vehicle by using the member card, to entering the PIN and retrieving the key, all the way to ending the trip with the vehicle - everything is described in detail and with pictures.


What the application can do:

  • Display the current location and the next available car2go: In addition to the location (address), the license plate number, geo coordinates, fuel level in the tank, distance, condition of the car2go and the estimated walking time are also indicated
  • Display all available car2go vehicles
  • Display all car2go gas stations
  • Display all available car2go reserved parking spots
  • Locating a reserved car2go
  • Route display from the current location to the desired destination (car2go / gas station / parking spot)
  • More information is available by selecting the individual pins / gas stations / parking spots
  • Instruction manual with text and pictures