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Project: Ulm App

The basic idea behind the "ulm-app" is that the user has access to the most important information about the city of Ulm, always and everywhere. Data such as attractions or information about agencies and administrative offices can be accessed directly from the iPhone. The city of Ulm car-park routing system is also integrated and shows all available parking places in the Ulm parking garages.

Project: car2go iPad

The adapted version of the car2go app was finished right on time for the market launch of the new Apple iPad. The larger screen of the iPad is especially useful for displaying maps and lists.

Project: car2go Austin/Texas

After successfully launching the car2go project in Ulm, the company decided to open another location in Austin / Texas. rrooaarr also developed the app, with a few additional functions, for this location.

Project: car2go Ulm

car2go is part of a Daimler AG pilot project for environmentally compatible individual mobility. The idea is really simple: Any time you need a car, one of the many car2go vehicles is available to you. You get in, use it as long as you want and then leave it at any parking spot in the business district.
rrooaarr developed the official car2go app